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Are you confused about which type of massage you should get?
Is one massage modality more appropriate for your body today than another day?
Is there a difference between Therapeutic, Sports and Deep Tissue massages?
Do you feel like you should be the one to decide what type of massage is right for you, but you’re confused about the differences between the various modalities? 

You are not alone!

As a result of this confusion, Swedish massage is the most often requested massage, but, at least in our practice, is not the most often performed.  

Please give us a call to find out if our massage care can help you.

Our services include:

                  Specific Joint Manipulation
 Trigger point therapy
 Medical Acupuncture 
 Dry Needling
 Neuromuscular Therapy
 Deep Tissue massage
 Sports Massage 
 Sports Injury Management
 Rehab Programmes
 Kinesiology Tape


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